Each user through an easy and intuitive interface can create an unlimited number of virtual spaces (sites), specify their members, and configure their content access rights (read, edit and delete).

By default, the creator of this virtual space (site) is also its administrator, but the system allows these features to be also delegated to other users.

Such virtual space (site) can be created for each department, team, project and task through which to improve and optimize their work.

Virtual space (site) features:

  • Virtual folders can be created, in which  can be uploaded documents like any file system.
  • Upload and edit files.  Any change in the content of a file creates its new version. The system stores all versions allowing easy  track changes. Files of all formats can be stored in the system including video files.
  • MS Office integration
  • Creating discussions
  • Blogging
  • Creating wiki pages (pages that each authorized user can edit and add content to using only web browser)
  • Keep a diary of tasks, appointments, or just ordinary notes through the site calendar interface.

All uploaded files, created discussions, blogs, wiki pages, calendar notes and tasks defined in the calendar can be found through the system search engine.


  • Fast implementation and visible results without additional licenses

  • No software programming or other specific IT knowledge is required for creation and configuring virtual spaces (sites). Neither is working with those described functionalities.

  • Only users with relevant access rights can review, edit and delete files and content from the system

  • The system can be implemented on Windows or Linux (including free distributions), can be integrated with other systems and the integration can be bidirectional.

  • The system is more than a Content Management and Business Process Management System – it is a platform that can be developed and implemented in accordance with every specific business requirement.

Deployment: 2 days
Additional licenses required: No
Price without VAT: EUR 1 460

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Tel: +359 888 629899; +359 24341122
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* the price includes up to 50 users. For more users, please contact us