Partner Center of Expertise

October 2018

After successful examinations and meeting all the requirements and criteria, BTS Ltd. established itself as a certified support center for SAP BI Solutions for PCOE (Partner Center of Expertise) in Bulgaria.

As SAP Partner Center of Expertise, "BTS" Ltd. meets the standards set by SAP on:

  • certified consultants and IT delivery and maintenance;
  • first and second line support
  • technical infrastructure and service efficiency.

BTS Ltd is a leading company in the delivery and maintenance of IT services and products of SAP BI and has certified engineers to support SAP Analytics solutions. This allows quick intervention when needed in а very short time and high quality of service.
SAP congratulated BTS Ltd. for the resulting certificate and set out its expectations for the company to continue to provide assistance and support to its customers.
Of the other part, BTS Ltd takes responsibility for proper maintenance of the products and services provided to the customers in a timely manner.


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